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Risk Level Descriptor

SQA Accreditation has reviewed and updated our risk level descriptors. These are the risk levels that our auditors use to assign risk scores when auditing awarding body activity and provider monitoring activity. These risk level descriptors have also been aligned to the overall awarding body risk score, which will always be the sum of open and individual audit issues. The new risk level descriptors can be found on our website under the Quality Enhancement Rating.


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Focus Item - Principle 10

We have recently been analysing data in relation to the principles that we audit across all awarding bodies. It has been interesting to note that 25% of all issues raised are against principle 10. Further qualitative analysis has found that in the main these issues seem to be:

  • found mainly at provider level
  • are around EQAs, Assessors and/or IVs not having the appropriate qualifications on file when we go out to visit in order for us to evidence this
  • deviations from agreed assessment strategies
  • assessors not assessing against naturally occurring evidence in the workplace
  • assessors/IVs not having the appropriate level of technical competence

 We would like to take this opportunity to highlight this to our approved awarding bodies who in turn, may wish to focus on these areas during the course of normal business activity with the aim of helping to mitigate the ongoing recurrence.

Memorandum of Understanding

Press Release 20: Memorandum of Understanding agreed between the SQA Accreditation and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP)

The JCCP and SQA Accreditation are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that sets out the arrangements for working on matters of common interest including the design and development of high quality qualifications in the area of non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

SQA Accreditation will keep the JCCP informed and up to date on all matters with regard to developments in vocational and technical qualifications for practitioners in the relevant fields, on any evidence based findings with regard to relevant awarding organisations and education and training providers and any actions it is proposing to take on developments and information it receives.

The JCCP will reciprocate in these arrangements and will advise SQA Accreditation on matters relating to the recognition and development of education, clinical and practice-based standards associated with non-surgical treatments (including hair restoration surgery) as prescribed by the JCCP and the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA).

Professor David Sines – CBE – Executive Chair of the JCCP said,

‘The JCCP is delighted to be working closely with SQA Accreditation on education, training developments and qualifications linked to the JCCP and CPSA standards. Scotland has made a number of advancements recently on the regulation of the non-surgical sector and the link between regulation, patient safety and protection and the skills, training and qualifications of practitioners is fundamental’.

Dr Janet Brown – Chief Executive of SQA Accreditation said,

‘SQA Accreditation recognises that safety and precision in this sector is of paramount importance in light of the sector growth and public interest in non-surgical treatments. SQA Accreditation wants to ensure that we play a pivotal role in maintaining standards in this sector in order to provide greater public assurance. Through ongoing and open dialogue with the JCCP we feel that we are in the best position to ensure that the accredited qualifications for practitioners in the area of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, are fit for purpose for the people of Scotland’.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.

SQA Accreditation


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