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SQA Accreditation Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the ninth edition of the newsletter.  

This edition includes an update on Regulatory Principles Guidance Notes, SharePoint and Approved Qualification Products now available on our website.

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As you will all be aware SQA Accreditation introduced a new information management system called Sharepoint, in February to replace Quickr. This new system is set up in a similar way to Quickr and it was expected that all awarding body documents currently banked on Quickr would migrate across to Microsoft SharePoint.

However feedback from some awarding bodies has highlighted that the transition has not been as smooth as we would have liked and there have been some teething problems with user log in and passwords.

SQA Accreditation would ask is that in the event you are having any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact our IT team on the following e-mail

Regulatory Principle Guidance Notes

As you will all know SQA Accreditation promotes itself as an enabling regulator, regulating awarding bodies using a set of Regulatory Principles and Directives to support compliance and continuous improvement?

We believe this approach allows SQA Accreditation and Awarding Bodies to work in partnership giving organisations the freedom to run their business as best fits their business model and resources but still operating within a regulatory framework.

We believe that this approach to regulation works very effectively and feedback from awarding bodies has always indicated that they see this approach as a positive one too.

So with this in mind on 13 June 2017 at the SQA Accreditation Stakeholder Event, we introduced Awarding Bodies to three guidance notes documents. The guidance notes were developed as a result of a stakeholder event in September 2016 where SQA Accreditation held an open forum discussion around:

During that day, one of the overriding points made was the need for further clarity around the Regulatory Principles covering these areas and so we have developed three guidance notes.

It is important however to note that the use of the guidance notes are not seen as or will be used as a measure of compliance. They are purely to provide you with some useful examples of the type of thing we would potentially expect to see.

In addition to the late certification guidance note we have also developed an online late certification request form

We would encourage awarding bodies to utilise this on line request form where possible, however we will still continue to accept other types of communication for requests for late certification.

Regulatory Sanctions Policy and Guidelines

I see we have not communicated via the newsletter that the Regulatory Sanctions Policy has been updated and that we plan to introduce a ‘Sanctions Register’.

As part of SQA Accreditation’s policy review programme the following policies have been reviewed and updated:

¨       Removal of Awarding Body status Policy

¨       Sanctions Policy

Both policies have been embedded into a single Policy ‘Regulatory Sanctions Policy and Guidelines’.

Additionally the ‘Regulatory Sanctions Policy and Guidelines’ advises approved Awarding Bodies that regulatory sanctions applied will be published on SQA Accreditation’s website, through a Sanctions Register.

This will include details of the date of application of sanction, level of sanction and the reason for the sanction. SQA Accreditation will ensure the published information accurately reflects the sanction applied and the reason(s) for that sanction.

Sanctions will remain on the SQA Accreditation webpage until 6 months after corrective action or de-approval has been achieved.

Approved Awarding Bodies are advised that the SQA Accreditation Sanctions Register shall begin to record any sanction applied from 1 April 2017.

Approved Qualification Products on our Website

As part of our continuous improvement activities SQA Accreditation have decided to provide the approved Qualification Products (QPs), Assessment Strategies and Core Skills Signpostings, for Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) on our website. Relevant newly approved QPs will now be found at:

Standardised cover sheets providing the applicable titles, developer details and dates will be attached to all approved documents.

We are presently developing shell documents / templates for Standards Setting Organisations to assist in the production of Assessment Strategies and Core Skills Signpostings. Our current plan is to introduce these in the second quarter of 2017/18 (the period July through September 2017) and we will provide further information prior to implementation.    

If you have any questions on this please do not hesitate to ask for clarification. 


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