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Welcome to SQA Accreditation Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of the newsletter.  

This edition includes our latest published reports, an update on Awarding Body Data Requirements, Statistical Report and Introducing Sharepoint. 

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Awarding Body Data Requirements

The Accreditation Coordination Group (ACG) has raised a number of concerns regarding recurring instances of inaccurate quarterly data returns and inconsistent uptake figures being provided in accreditation submissions.

As the national accrediting body for Scotland, SQA Accreditation sets and specifies the requirements for accrediting qualifications in order to support the needs of learners and employers in Scotland. We do this by regulating qualifications that have been accredited by us and our approved awarding bodies. Furthermore, we promote and maintain public confidence in accredited qualifications and approved awarding bodies.

As part of that role, we require approved awarding bodies to submit data returns to us which indicates the number of qualification registrations and certifications during a specified time period for all their accredited qualifications.

In addition, awarding bodies may be required to provide uptake figures relating to accredited qualifications by ad hoc request or as part of a qualification submission. 

Uptake data relating to accredited qualifications is made publicly available as part of the Quarterly Statistics Report and may also be used to support decision-making by ACG and inform Scottish Government’s skills agenda.  It is essential therefore that the data supplied on all occasions is accurate and that the time periods they relate to are clear.

Awarding bodies are reminded of their responsibility to be compliant with Regulatory Principle 6 as well as Regulatory Principles Directive ‘RPDIR2 – Data Submissions’ in respect of  the data requirements that awarding bodies must meet on a quarterly basis.

Should you have any questions about the contents of this communication, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Further information and guidance on our data collection requirements is available online

Statistical Reporting

The Quarterly Statistics Report for Q1 2016-17 will be available on the SQA Accreditation website in the near future.

The report contains statistics relating to the number and uptake of all of our accredited qualifications.

At the end of the first quarter of 2016-17 there were 934 currently accredited qualifications. These consisted of 588 Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) (63% of all qualifications), 50 Regulatory and Licensing qualifications (5% of all qualifications), and 296 ‘Other’ accredited qualifications (32% of all qualifications). We also examine the uptake split by Qualification Type, Awarding Body, Area of Competence and Qualification Developer, normally over a three year period.

If you have any questions about any of these reports please contact

Introducing Sharepoint

We will soon be changing the platform that awarding bodies use to bank their documents with SQA Accreditation by moving from Quickr to Microsoft's SharePoint. Awarding body documents in Quickr will automatically be transferred to new folders in SharePoint and new URLs will be created. The changes won't happen until after September so there is no action required at the moment. Quickr should continue to be used until further notice. We will keep you updated with progress and support awarding bodies when SharePoint rolls out.   


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